IRCTC Tatkal Autofill

There are lots of software available in market for IRCTC TATKAL booking, YouTube is full of this kind of software, but problem is you can not trust them until you use it and they will charge you heavy fee for that and it is impossible for common people to afford these software. And other major problem is nowadays IRCTC continuously changing there site to fail these software and for every change you have to pay to software developer.

So try myRailinfo Tatkal Autofill extension which always free for common people, and it increase your chances to get confirm tatkal ticket, This autofill will help you in redusing the time taken by you while entring data & clicking button in IRCTC site during tatkal hours.

How To use myRailinfo IRCTC TATKAL Autofill

Installing myRailinfo IRCTC TATKAL Autofill For Chrome or Firefox

  • Open myRailinfo IRCTC Autofill form Google Chrome Store (Click here to open)
  • Click on "ADD TO CHROME" button on top right corner.
  • On Confirm New Extension pop-up click "Add"
  • You will get confirmation massage and MyRailinfo icon on right menu bar of chrome.
  • Congratulation myRailinfo IRCTC TATKAL Autofill is installed successfully

How To Use myRailinfo IRCTC TATKAL Autofill For Chrome or Firefox

It is vary essay to use myRailinfo IRCTC TATKAL Autofill in google chrome or in Firefox. Once you have successfully installed IRCTC Autofill, then you are ready to use it:
Launch And Verify Version
  • Click on the myRailinfo IRCTC Autofill icon  form  top right corner of chrome menu.
  • It will open landing page here you will find all latest information, Click on "IRCTC AutoFill Form".
  • Autofill form open, Always make sure you are using latest version of Autofill and update it regularly - Read How to check IRCTC Autofill verson and update it with latest version
  • Verify "Chrome Plugin Installed" button's border is green, this means Autofill extension is installed and will work.
  • If "Chrome Plugin Installed" button's border is red then Press CTRL + F5 and reload the page, it will change to green if not then myRailinfo IRCTC TATKAL Autofill is not installed on your browser and installed it.
Fill IRCTC Autofill form
  • Enter "Login Detail" in Username & Password.
  • Select Quota: You can select Quota like General, Premium Tatkal, Ladies or Tatkal.
  • Enter "Plan My Travel" detail, All details are required if you want to use CTRL + M, other wise you can skip it.
  • Enter Passenger Detail.
  • Enter Child Passenger Detail & Mobile no if you want to change it.
  • Enter Payment detail.If you want to enter payment detail manually then you can skip entering payment detail & fill manually in IRCTC, but for that you have to un-select Auto Payment checkbox.
  • Click Save button.
  • You should get confirmation message like  "Your Data has been Saved..." otherwise there is some problem and check if you have installed IRCTC Autofill.
Book Ticket by Using IRCTC Autifill
Now You have saved all you journey detail successfully, open IRCTC, and you see that Username & Password is filled automatically on Login page if not Press CTRL + F5 (refresh).
  • Enter Login Captha on IRCTC login page and click "Login".
  • You will see all detail in Plan My Journey are filled and Autofill automatically search train for you.
  • Verify your all detail before you go for actual booking.
  • At sharp 10:00 or 11:00 AM IST Click on Class highlighted in Red & auto fill will click on 'Book Now' automatically and save your precocious time.
  • On Passenger detail page verify your detail before actual booking, Enter Captcha, wait for 16 sec and then manually click Next button- Read How to resolve captcha problem
  • Base on you Payment selection mode Autofill will work accordingly and you have good changes to get confirm ticket if You have enter all detail correct, You can read more TATKAL Tips to get confirm ticket

Thinks To Remember Before you use IRCTC Autofill

  • Always Update you Auto-fill extension and match with latest version.
  •  Verify your Journey detail before booking actual ticket.
  • If any time Autofill not works or CTRL + M not work, book ticket manually, Autofill never affect anything when you are booking ticket manually.
  • Watch Video tutorial and make sure you are using this IRCTC Autofill correctly- Click here to watch
  • Read IRCTC CAPTCHA Solution
If You have any question or doubt then comment below. Hope this will helps you in booking tatkal ticket.

Note: This is Autofill and it will reduce  you time in booking ticket and make your chances to get confirm ticket