Have you ever faced difficulty while booking tatkal ticket on IRCTC? So here is the solution for your problem…. Book your tatkal ticket in 30 seconds using our tool… for ticket booking follow the steps mentioned below or you can watch tutorial video too. It’s simple to install and use.

PNR: check your PNR status using our tool and get SMS on every status change of your PNR number. All you need is just download myrailinfo tool and use it. Its quick and reliable.

Download Tatkal Tool
  • Step 1: Enter User Name & Password and click “Launch IRCTC” button
  • Step 2: Enter Captcha manually and click Login button.
  • Step 3: Enter From Station, To station, Train no, Date, Quota and Class. If booking for Tatkal select “CK” and click Search before 10 AM e.g click search at 9:55 am. Enter passenger detail in table (enter multiple row if more than one passenger) and enter ID car type and no for first Passenger. And Payment option by which you want to pay.
  • Step 4: Sharp at 10 AM Click on Book Button. All detail will fill automatically. Only you need to enter Captcha and click “OK” button on Pop massage (don’t click “OK” without entering Captcha).
  • Step 5: You Payment option will automatically selected you will be directed to Payment gateway page. If you fallow these step you correctly then you will reach payment gateway page in 20 sec & can booking tatkal ticket in 30 sec.
  • Check PNR Status: check your PNR status and track it by SMS