IRCTC Tatkal Tickets Tips and Tricks


I develop IRCTC autofill tool long back in Excel macro and I am using it from long time. Then I decided to share this tool with all general public and develop this autofill extension. This extension will work only on Google Chrome and Firefox. I have tested this extension only on window machine with latest version of Chrome & Firefox.

Tips To Book Confirm Tatkal Ticket:

  • Auto Fill Extension: Use extension: By using this extension you can save your journey detail and your detail will automatically filled during Tatkal hours. Watch demo video before you use this extension.

  • Download Chrome Extension For Download Click Here

  • Login Time: Login In IRCTC in between 10:50 to 10:55 AM IST and Make sure that you are visiting Passenger Detail page first time after login. If you have visited passenger detail multiple times with same login session then there are chances you will get long or difficult Captcha to enter.
  • Captcha Problem: Around 60% fill incorrect captcha and because of this there booking time increase to 20 to 30 sec depend on their internet speed. Please read full article how to resolve captcha error.
  • Internet Speed: Having only autofill extension is not enough for you it will just fill you data in no time but main criteria to book IRCTC Tatkal in just 20 sec is your internet speed. If you don’t have good internet speed you can’t book in 19 sec. below are my few suggestions:
    • Always use good Internet services provider like BSNL, MTNL, Airtel etc., using local internet services provider may cause lots of trouble I personally face issue when my internet was down at 10 AM :(
    • Check with your have Internet services provider that your IP address is not share with other customer because IRCTC allow only 2 Tatkal booking with same IP from 8 to 12 PM IST, so make sure you have unique IP address or get one from you ISP.
    • Try to buy 2 MBPS speed pain if it is out of budget you should have 1MBPS, you can find good tariff plain in market.
    • Close all application which is using internet service, page like Facebook, Gmail, Skype they use internet while you are not browsing anything, so keep only IRCTC and myRailinfo Site open in your machine.
  • Computer Speed: Most people have good internet speed, autofill extension but still not able to get confirm ticket in 20 sec why??
    • Many don’t know is that apart from you internet speed your computer speed does matter while booking Tatkal ticket.
    • Use browser carefully, Firefox is good browser but it use more of your computer resources, so If you have running Firefox in low RAM machine then it will cause problem for you.
    • Google Chrome is best browser, it use low of your machine resources and work faster than any other modern browser in Window machine
    • If you have Anti-Virus software installed, make sure you disable it in Tatkal hours, because Antivirus software will scan all your inward and outward traffic, time taken is in micro second but it will make different when you are booking IRCTC Tatkal ticket.
    • Always restart your computer machine before you book tatkal ticket, always clean you temp memory these step help in increase your computer speed.
    • Close all application which is running on your computer.
  • Payment Getaway: Choose best payment getaway which take less time to process your transaction. I have observed that most of the public are using SBI debit card or net baking this make SBI payment getaway very slow and sometime not responsive and you get an error message “connection Time out or server not responding”.
    • Try to avoid SBI payment gateway in festival session.
    • Use net banking or debit card of private bank like (HDFC, ICICI) or use Credit card which is very fast in festival session when compare to SBI gateway
    • Avoid payment gateway which have too many page redirection.
  • Network Latency: This term is not common to general public, I will explain you it in detail: IRCTC web server are located in New Delhi and anyone who is booking Tatkal ticket from Chennai will take more time when compare to person who is booking ticket for New Delhi. I will not recommend you to use proxy server here because they can steal your payment detail, so make some friend form New Delhi who can book your tatkal ticket :). Time difference is in micro second so you can ignore it.
  • IRCTC Server Location

    Network Latency From Different Location

  • Train Selection:
    • Always select a train which have more no of seat compare to train which have less seat.
    • Always keep some backup pain when booking Tatkal ticket, like take help form you family member or friend and open two sessions for same train in different machine and continue till payment gateway. If one session fails then continue with other one, If you get some error and re-login after 10 AM makes very less probability to book confirm ticket. So second session always help to continue and chances are very good to get confirm Tatkal ticket.
  • Save Pages in Browser Cache: Browser like Chrome & Firefox save static content in there cache, which means when you visit site page first time then it will download for IRCTC server but when again you open same page then browser first check that page in its cache if page found it won’t download it form IRCTC server, you can any time reload whole page by pressing Ctrl + F5. Browser save static content like JavaScript, Image, CSS and static HTML file in its chase.

All above point are just suggestion that I have observed form past long time; you are not bound to use these points if you not happy with them.

Please comment your experiences after applying above trick or if you have any more tricks then your email me or add it in below comment.

If your trick is good enough and unique then I will add it in above article with your name/site. You can mail me your feedback